May 22, 2020

Document Updates and Changes

As a result of an ongoing review of our documents to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements, we have made the following changes:

VAWSACVD/27841 – VA Water System Acknowledgment during  COVID-19. We created the document to help Lenders comply with  recently published VA Circular 26-20-13 Change 1. Completed  03/17/2020.

VA Circular 26-20-13 has a requirement that Veteran borrowers acknowledge that they will need to obtain proper well water testing within 180 days of closing if well water testing is unavailable in their area due to COVID-19. Veteran borrowers must also acknowledge that they are responsible to install and pay for a filtration system if their system fails the well water filtration test.

This disclosure will only be added to packages by Lenders who request it.