Why Choose Us

At Docu Prep, you won’t be asked to jump through hoops to get your problem solved. Support, to us, means people – live people ready to answer your questions and assist you to get the job done.

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Unparalleled Experience

The quality of support we provide you comes from decades of experience in the mortgage industry. Let us work with you to understand how you do business and find the right fit of products and services. We provide both initial and ongoing training that will help prevent the last-minute call or email. We believe avoiding these urgent situations is what drives a good support program.

Personalized Support

We understand the pressures that can arise in the mortgage industry: last minute closings, changes to loan documents, etc. If an emergency comes up, you can count on us to respond quickly with solutions.

Technology and Documents

All the tools that you would ever want with the power to select only the ones you need. Everything from application to close is built in a highly secure web-based platform with an elegant design to match forms you are comfortable with.


As an authority in the doc prep industry, we have always made compliance our top priority. Regulations and requirements are consistently changing, with hundreds of docs for every state, it can quickly become overbearing to keep up. Our teams work well ahead of changes and deadlines so that you never need to worry, just leave it all to us to keep your documents compliant.

Docu Prep is committed to excellence in customer care, technology, compliance, products and services.

We team up with those who share our vision and are committed to those same principles. Docu Prep has more to offer than just docs. Take a look at each solution below to learn more about how to take full advantage of all the services and features we offer.

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