Mortgage Docs

We have the experience to help you get the right documents to support your lending initiatives.

Docu Prep provides the mortgage industry with compliant, customizable closing documents, initial disclosures and fulfillment through our flagship doc prep solution.
We also interface with loan origination and other line-of-business systems and provide superior customer service, including 24/7 technical support.
We’re recognized in the industry for our ability to customize and meet specific lender needs and we’re backed by compliance and document guarantees and a solid compliance team.

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Are you looking for compliant mortgage documents?

We don’t just provide documents, we also maintain compliance on all of our documents and provide you with complete loan packages!

We have been helping clients of all sizes stay in compliance and making their lending easier.

With the help of our valued clients, we have worked hard to provide complete solutions, not just documents.

Closing Docs

Initial Disclosures

We provide initial disclosures as well as re-disclosures ensuring compliance with federal, state and local statutes.



In today’s market, “one size doesn’t always fit all,” which is why our print and fulfillment services are the perfect complement for an e-sign strategy. When given the right tools, including our reporting feature to help manage and document each transaction, lenders can meet the borrower, investor and auditor needs. All of this is available from a single, integrated solution provider.

Electronic Signatures

A secure delivery, signing and reporting method that allows you to electronically sign documents. Our process includes identity verification, consent, document review, document signature and document submission. The paperless process is easy to use, saves time, money and meets state and federal guidelines. Try Demo

Loan Analysis

We believe the best systems are highly integrated. That’s why our Docu Prep Loan Analysis product is so effective. Each time a client requests documents, they get the benefit of an automatic, comprehensive points and fees review with appropriate warnings and critical stop messages prior to document generation. So, whether you are ordering initial disclosures, re-disclosures, closing documents or simply doing a pre funding or post closing QC check, the process is highly integrated and comes from a single, trusted provider.

Electronic Delivery

Secured, cost-efficient and instant—no need to wait to have your docs mailed. Our docs arrive within seconds of a click of a button.

Need to send document packages to a 3rd party securely? We include secure file delivery with all of our loan packages so you can keep your borrower’s information safe and secure.


We understand that loan circumstances can change. That’s why we allow for free re-disclosures or re-draws on all of our loans for up to six months.


Whether it’s a one-time close or a construction to permanent loan, we can handle your construction lending needs.
If you have something outside of the box and need help figuring out the proper loan documents, let us help!

Home Equity

Whether it’s a HELOC or a HELOAN we can handle your document needs.